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Everyone on the board really liked the samples you sent, and I have included them in our February newsletter.
Carol Dikelsky
Special Delivery MOMs, Libertyville, Illinois

Thanks for your help. I really look forward to this addition to our newsletter. I am a childbirth educator and lactation consultant in my non-mommy career, so I am very attuned to supporting women in their transition to motherhood. Your writings are down to earth, positive, and realistic. I'm sure our members will enjoy them as much as I.
Rosemary D'Errico
Mothers of Twins Club of Rockland County, Maryland

Thanks for sending the's a great one! Our club appreciates the information!!
Kerri Wildgruber
Southern Maryland Mothers of Multiples

This sounds great! We have moms that I know could really use this!! I am the editor, and I will be glad to add it to our monthly newsletter. Thanks.
Shawna Spada
Northridge Mothers Club, Ohio

What a great idea...those new moms really need special attention. I look forward to getting your column. Thanks so much.
Barbara Mathewson
North Seattle Families of Multiples

We currently have about 450 members in our club and are the 5th largest twins club in the country. I think that our members would benefit from your column.
Elaine Staedeli
Triangle Mothers of Twins and Triplets, Raleigh, North Carolina

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